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Beauty of Wholeness

To build women of God who aggressively pursue life by following the example of Christ, the leading of the Holy Spirit, and ultimately the demonstration of His Word so that we can present a kingdom to our Father.

Everyday, we as women will embrace our call to leadership as God positions us to influence the world to change into His image. “As your sister, and Woman 2 Woman, I believe God has His daughters right where He wants us. The Bible tells us that “we perish for lack of knowledge….” It’s what we don’t know that has given the enemy leverage over us. We have allowed Fear, Jealousy, and DRAMA to keep us from becoming ONE. Ladies, God is calling us forth from all races and backgrounds to be an example for the next generation of women,our daughters.

You see, we women may have not grown up with a good example of how women should act towards each other, so now our daughters are dealing with THE SAME dysfunctions we did. WE need a CHANGE in our lives by heeding the instructions found in God’s Word. Titus 2:3 instructs us to be a “Teacher of good things….” The Beauty of Wholeness ministry for Women was formed to equip women of all ages to grow in the knowledge of who we are called to be in Christ. We are becoming the standard needed for reconciliation.

Our Ministries

Dance Ministry
The dance ministry is a ministry that outwardly interprets and expresses word through movement. It is the intimacy of our relationship and experiences with Him that allows us to do so with the sincerety and confidence to effectively minister before God and His people.
Divorce Recovery
A healing for men & women who are separated, divorces, or going through divorce.
Face 2 Face Marriage
Face 2 Face helps married and engaged couples gain a better understanding of what it takes to maintain a healthy marriage relationship.
H.O.P.E Ministry
Helping Other People Evolve is our passion as we serve the church and community by connecting people with natural needs to opportunities for spiritual growth.
Media Ministry
Our media team helps carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our ever-changing world through the use of technology. We are creative people all about capturing moments that display our Lord's power through video, graphic design and illustration.
Men's Ministry
Everyday, we as men will embrace our call to leadership as God positions us to influence the world to change into His image.
Radical Overcomers for Christ Youth
God's plan for our lives is not boring and we encourage our youth to be Radical. We want them to build and develop a strong personal relationship with Christ.
Single's Ministry
Connect with singles and feel a sense of belonging while focusing on your walk with Christ. Our diverse demographic of singles lets you develop healthy relationships that show the community that God's way is so much better.
Theatre of the Arts
Study acting, writing, stage presentation, and props. Our goals are to enlighten, build and encourage the hearts of individuals with the influence of using biblical principle for solution to real life issues. Open to anyone ages 9 and up.
Women's Ministry
We are willing to take God at His Word! Join us as we pursue all GOD has for our lives. CYMM Women's Ministry is doing great things for our great God!