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Welcome to CYM!
This is definitely a home full of love, hugs, and opportunities to grow! We are a family of believers who believe you can become exactly who Christ has decided you should be. We have an atmosphere of praise, worship, but also full of intense instruction. Yes, we are a family of leaders. We want to give God the best worship and praise, but then we also want to go to our respectful homes, job, business, ministries and communities and show the world our best,too. To learn more about our ministry, click here to read our Mission, our Vision and our We Believe Statements.

What do we offer?
We have many opportunities to get a good idea of what CYM is all about. Please click here to see the upcoming events at CYM. We also have Sunday School classes uniquely designed to challenge you in the areas we need it most. Our Sunday School teachers are hand-picked and trained through our own Upstate Bible Institute to give you the best mix of the Word of God and practical tools for successful daily living. For more information about our current selection of Sunday School classes, click here.

Get Plugged In!

Every church family needs more volunteers, and we are no different! Through your volunteering, you will have more opportunities to learn and develop relationships that will assist you on this journey. So with that in mind, we want you to become connected in assisting us to expand the message of Christ, and to assist in helping others to receive Christ and to grow in His image. To learn more about all of the exciting opportunities to get involved, click here!